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Half Ironman Countdown

August 25, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+

It is only a month away from the Half Ironman in San Diego and my training has increased substantially. Since swimming is not a problem for me ( I swam in HS, college, and was a surface swimmer for the United States Coast Guard, so yeah......) biking and running pose a threat. With that in mind I run twice a week for an average of 6-8 miles. Some people have told me that I need to increase my distances, but since this is just a half marathon and running in Phoenix, AZ is like running in an oven, I think I will be okay!

I have been most nervous about incorporating biking into my routine since that exercise is the most foreign to me but I have to say I have had success with it so far. I feel it has a lot to do with the studio that I go to in Scottsdale called RPMSpin. Its different than any other spin class I have ever been to because it feels more like an EDM rave party! When the class starts they pull these giant black curtains back to make the room totally pitch black then play awesome dance music and do workouts according to the rise and fall of the beats, its pretty cool. I found myself drench after my first workout, more drench than when I do hot yoga. To be more realistic I have to sit through two classes straight (each class is one hour) in order to get the appropriate mileage to prepare for the Ironman, but its worth it because I love the music and the motivation that goes along with the class.

Some things I had to adjust about my personal schedule to accommodate these new regiments is waking up earlier, logging my workouts, preparing a calendar for both my diet and times to workout, and following that calendar.

August 25, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+