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A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Github Streak

Well, its been 100 days and I haven't wanted to curl up into a ball and cry yet. I was happy to hit this 100-day benchmark because, one, I have a lot to show for it so far, two, its been fun solving problems with my code and seeing things through to the end, and three, my blogging and code streak has motivated others to do the same.

To list off some accomplishments, I did hit one of my original goals: I wanted to fork projects and contribute to open-source applications. Much to my surprise, other friends of mine were able to do that for me. I had a friend and a mentor of mine help me with an app I was using at work. So that counts!

I also deployed it on heroku as true-story. This application is an continuation of a app that we used while in gSchool. It is a ruby/js application that allows users to enter sessions and through pub/sub and through pusher, update their statuses to agree or disagree and make comments. This app can be used for retros, presentations, or any classroom setting which needs to see how their audience are engaging in the material. It is important for our atmosphere at work because it allows the users to be anonymous with their feedback whether it be negative or positive. Here is an example of how the sessions were set up to be unique to any publisher (no database required):

True Story Code: pubsub

Here is an example of the simple set up of the pusher configuration along with another example of when pusher is executed on pub/sub. Remember, this process enables the asynchronous update instead of a complete page redirect:

True Story Code: pusher config

True Story Code: pusher trigger

I also finished doing the beginner Bucky videos and have now progressed into the intermediate. Being a java developer now, these are pretty easy so I breeze through them. Nonetheless, I still learn more about the basics so I keep up with the videos. It also provides me with a steady stream of code to push on a daily basis.

I had some close calls when I almost forgot to push code. If you read this blog, you know that I recently competed in a Ironman in San Diego and that day I got my butt kicked. I also forgot to push code that day. It was easy for me to forget, I had to wake up at 4 a.m. to get to the race, so I forgot to push at 3:55 a.m. :). After the race on the ride home, my Fiance reminded me about it and that is when i realized I had only about 2 hours to push code before I lost my streak. Luckily, I recently updated my iphone which enabled my phone to be a hotspot for my computer. So I had her fire up my computer and push code through the terminal as I drove. I didn't remember how hard it was to use terminal commands until I had to describe to someone who has never used it how to push to github :). The second time was when I was traveling to Maui with my fiance. For anyone who has visited that lovely island in HI, you can understand why I forgot my coding. That place makes you forget your real life routines....and just give into the power of the tea. <zoolander referrence for any squares who didn't know>

I will likely post again when I finish my mapping experiment. In this exercise I will try to expand on my gohuntgeo idea where I will work with raphael.js to make a more clean and responsive map with state map background fill. Wish me luck, my goal is to release it to open source once I am done. After that I am thinking I could do either two things, revisit my old site and implement my new mapping experiment or make my own scaffolding for a e-commerce site. The world is my oyster, so I'll reserve the right to do whatever I feel like when I get there.

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