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Working out After an Ironman

October 14, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+

Its been three weeks after the Ironman in San Diego and this week I started back on a workout routine. I actually started last week but it was sad how week I weak I was so I didn't count it. Just imagine that guy at the gym screaming as he is doing his bicep curls, and upon close examination, those weights are only 5 pounds each. That was me!

But now that I am coming back into the swing of things, I have a couple of goals for my fitness that are different from the goals I have had in the past. I wanted to try something new with my goals. Instead of lifting a particular weight, losing inches in my waist, or doing a fixed set of reps, my goals are going to be focused around movements that I have always wanted to do, but never put my mind to it. For instance, I always wanted to be able to do a backflip. This goal was inspired by my friend Peter who is in amazing shape due to rock climbing and general "bad-assery". I also always wanted to do a one-arm push up, and a one-arm pull up. Finally, I have always wanted to run a 100-meter dash in less than 10 just kidding.

Seriously though, with those three goals in mind, that is how I will approach my workouts over the next couple of months. Along with that I will put more stock into what I eat. The main goal here is to try and rebuild the muscles that I lost while training for the Ironman. I have been so jazzed these past couple of days in the gym because I got back into Pre-Workout.

For anyone who doesn't know what Pre-Workout is...its the best. Its basically an energy boost before you workout that you mix into your shaker body. You see a lot of meat-heads walk around with these bad boys at the guy. Since I had been feeling pretty lackadaisical when I return home from work, I needed an extra push to get me off the couch and in the gym. Pre-Workout does that for me. After doing a bit of research, I decided that the only stipulation I had for my Pre-Workout selection process was that I did not want any with Creatine in it. Creatine is the chemical in Pre-Workout that enhances your muscles strength, since I didn't need instant results, I chose to opt out of Creatine supplement formulas. Also, coming from a swimming background, I know that instant results are never the answer for muscle growth, the long way to success is always better for muscle building. Also, I read that people who experience rapid weight gains get stretch marks on their skins due to the rapid build up of muscle cells. This does not interest me at all.

Pre-Workout has helped me in several ways:

  • It allows me to focus on the workout in a different way, by raising my concentration level. Before I need music to get through a workout because I got bored so quickly, now I am fueled by energy.
  • Makes me less hungry. When I get home after work I am starving and normally go straight to the fridge and binge on whatever to tie me over before dinner. Now I make my drink with Pre-Workout and I am not hungry until dinner time.
  • I feel more connected to my muscles, so when they ache or I am approaching something hard, I feel it. Its like the feeling I have when I am nearly done with a yoga workout.
  • Its makes cardio more bearable and less of a chore. That is the time I stick in my headphones and listen to music. With both music and Pre-Workout, I have so much energy to work off of.

Wish me luck on my goals, I will try and check in later next month with updates on how it goes. I have a little over 45 days worth of Pre-Workout, I'll plan to update you after I have exhausted it all.

October 14, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+