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How to give up on your code

October 29, 2015 in #Coding_Streak | | | Share on Google+

Sometimes you just get to a point on your personal projects when you are so uninterested in what you are doing you decide to table the project and hope to come back to it later with new energy and drive. Unfortunately you might run through this process several times as the months creep by with no change. I recently had to drop a project I was convinced I was going to solve because I just wasn't interested in it anymore. What a sad thing... or was it?

Personal projects are great because there is no project manager or other engineers waiting for you to push code. There are no expectations for your work because it is completely yours. The project that I had to drop is a continuation of that mapping experiment I did way back in gschool. What I was trying to accomplish for my personal project ( gohuntgeo ) was that I wanted the map of visited states to fill with the state flag in the background of the flag (instead of the pink and teal coloring that I currently have set up). I was making it through an SVG generater because I wanted the image to mobile responsive since most people would utilize this app via their mobile devices. Since I am no expert at design or photoshop, I had to table this project for the time being. Also work has been picking up so there is more on my plate along with wedding plans and gearing up for the holidays.

I guess what I am saying in this post, is do not be afraid to give up. My personality is a against this saying, once I sink my teeth into something, I want to see results. In this case, I made tiny stride and I learned a TON, but I made no real coding progress that wasn't already someone else's. I think that it is best to take opportunities like these and learn from them: "what did I get from this without writing code?" "Did I learn anything?" "Did I venture out of the programming world to find answers?" The answer to all those questions is yes, so I think that is a win for me.

October 29, 2015 in #Coding_Streak | | | Share on Google+