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Secret Holiday Weight Loss Trick

December 01, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+

Hot Sauce!

Its all about hot sauce. When it comes to hot food, I am a big pansy. When I spent a semester in the far east back in college; I lost almost 15 pounds because of spicy food. For me, it is hard to consume spicy foods. If I do, I spend most of the meal sweating, panting, and rapidly consuming water. As a result, I eat slower, drink more water, and am less likely to go for desserts afterwards. As a result I look at consuming food as a chore, rather than a pleasure so I am more eager to leave my eating area and get on with the rest of the day. It is very much a psychological stress that I incur on myself, but I have seen great results since the holidays have rolled through, almost 5 pounds lost.

I got this idea from a potluck we recently had at work. There was an Indian dish there that was amazing but super spicy so I was not able to eat much of it at a time. After the potluck I looked back at what I ate and found that I took in only about 500 calories for my whole lunch and was not hungry until dinner later that night. My normal intake for lunches is somewhere between 800-1200 calories.

Guidelines for Hot Sauce Diet:

  • Hot sauce, not salsa. Salsa has a loads of sodium and sugars in it. The more organic your hot sauce, the better your diet will be. Ideally, curry would be the best type. For some added healthiness, through in some ginger for zest. Ginger will add some interesting flavor but will not effect the intensity of the spice.

  • What level of hot you say? Whatever is going to cause you to sweat or eat slower will work. For some that might mean a medium to hard spice, but for me I like to make it really hot so that it slows the rate in which I consume food.

  • Continue your same eating habits. Just make sure to pour hot sauce on whatever you eat. After a while you will find foods that better mix with hot sauces.

  • Don't worry its suppose to sting. This diet will be a little uncomfortable at first and might not seem like a walk in the park, but it works. It is a psychological challenge first and foremost. It is the only diet I have used where I am not battling hunger. The need for my body to be comfortable is higher than the need for my body's stomach to feel full.

It is important to note that exercise should continue throughout this transition. Just because you are decreasing your food intake, does not mean you can drop your workout routine. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I promise it works.

December 01, 2015 in #exercise | | | Share on Google+