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Creative Writing Exercise: The Rogue

January 14, 2016 in #theRogue | | | Share on Google+

With the new year now in full swing, I wanted to open up a new section on this blog to explore a creative writing exercise that popped into my head a couple of weeks back. Since I started reading more often, I found my imagination getting a "second wind" in my late 20's. Its been an exciting time for me at work and in life, and I think it has something to do with the my appetite for reading going up.

Mostly, I read a lot of fiction, predominantly science fiction because it interests me and seeing as I am in the technology realm, it seems like a perfect fit for my personality. The creative writing exercise I will be doing is writing out a science fiction book I have been thinking about in sections. I will be using this blog as a platform for certain events in the book, character development, and free writing experiences which will be centered around developing this plot line that is growing in my head.

The story is call "The Rogue" and it is a story set in the near future about our world gaining accesses to a technology that can give a person the exact time of their death. This particular technology was discovered and is curated by the the government. It is highly regulated and monitored. In order to provide this service, it costs a lot of money, so the government offers a one-time reading or "manifest" at the age of 25 at no cost. People may choose to get their reading earlier, but the government subsidizes this service at age 25 for all human beings. They justify this cost by conveying to the human race that all people should have the access to this information.

The story will have several characters, but the story will ultimately revolve around a character named Grant who struggles with his news from his reading. Already a family man, Grant is giving some very concerning information that causes his world to turn upside down after the manifest. In order to keep him and his family safe, he must try and convince the government and the world that his existence will have to break the system that has been acting flawlessly since its inception.

Stay tuned for "The Rogue"! I will make sure to publish the first story in the next few weeks.

January 14, 2016 in #theRogue | | | Share on Google+