The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Yes! I am finally on the downward slope of this challenge. Overall, I find committing code day after day is like a second nature to me now. Over the last month I have also tried to change up the format a bit by doing tutorials one at a time then committing my code. At the beginning of December I completed a vast amount of tutorials all at once so that I could push little exercises everyday. This is a great method for when you are planning on going on vacation and know you may not have an extra 10-30 minutes a day to write code. Although ever since I changed my tactics, I have taken time out of everyday to code little by little, and have seen some great results on my retention of information.

I am very excited about android training. I started the tutorials from Bucky's series on thenewboston about two weeks ago and using android studios is a breeze. Coming into this as a java programmer, android is quite simply, amazing! It is wonderful the amount of template generation that android studio does that other platforms with other languages do not do. It is really interesting because using xcode for swift isn't as easy to use. It is probably the coolest thing dragging and dropping on a template canvas and all the functionality being written in automatically. I feel like I am cheating a bit :)

I completed the storefront e-commerce site with RoR using sitepoint. There are two tutorials. One to create basic framework and the second one to bring in POS capabilities and admin metric visibility. This was a very fun project because I went back to my roots with ruby. The only thing I would not recommend is changing your compiler mid-way through, I accidentally did this. If you read my last programming blog, I was talking about swtiching from RVM > rBenv. It was a serious overhaul for me since I set it up the wrong way (what a noob). It effected all the projects that I had made with RVM, this storefront project was one of them. I had to really do a deep dive on my config files and I (to be honest) almost started from scratch due to anger, but I kept at it and was able to work my out of that problem. I got to use Braintree for the POS process of the site for the first time, and I was really impressed by the experience. For my next experience I might check out Stripe because I have heard great things.

I am still chugging along with codeblue. This project was going to be an MVP that I would present to work but it kind of grew into more of a chore then something I relished. Also I got busier and busier at work, so doing a full scale project got put on the back burner more times than I can count. Its a basic app that allow people to register their github username and get points based on how much they commit. I am still struggling with the counting commits story too. I need to be able to call GitHub based on a passed in username (that is provided on the time of registration) and call a commit count that is NOT project-specific. At this point all the gems and APIs I have seen is calling for a repo name in order to complete the call. I need it to be more general. For gems like Octokit and GithubApi, you can call a commit count but not on all repos created. I am sure I could fix the problem by doing more research but time has not been on my side these past weeks.

I finished up my python tutorials and used them as my main bulk commit arsenal during the holidays. Like I spoke of before, I completed these tutorials all together so I had upwards of thirty files (upwards of 20 lines of code each) that I could commit once a day just in case I was in a pinch. Python is not my favorite language but I find it to be simpler than I anticipated.

Finally I created a repo for my index card program that I was talking about doing. I think it is paramount to begin making this because I have learned so much over the past half-year and there is still more to learn. I need a program to test myself every so often to remember what I learned. Hopefully I can get to a making it an app, but at this point, I think I will start by using a command line prompt. More to come on this.

Just a heads up, but the next time you hear from me I will be a married man living in Austin, Texas. A lot is about to change, but don't worry, I will still be committing code for you to see and blogging about it. Remember I promised one full year, so that is what you will get.

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