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The science behind The Destiny Program is quite extensive and precise down to the very day of one's death. Coline was educated about the program during the first several months of her employment.

The program started with a software engineer that was working on a nondeterministic polynomial algorithm that dove into one's DNA and worked to calculate inherited hereditary diseases. That was where it all started. The engineer's name was Gabriel Leech. His program was the first to claim exactitude when predicting the time of someone's death. He was correct within weeks of someone's death, but he was wrong often times because of deaths relating to a spontaneous nature like homicide, hit by a car, or any other accidental deaths or acquired diseases over time but not at the time of the test. Nonetheless he gained a enormous amount of traction from insurance companies and risk management firms who relied on his system when determining individuals healthcare costs. His system opened the door for some corporations to forecast potential loss of employees.

With just a blood, hair, and urine sample, his algorithm was able to give precise predictions on people's longevity. At first many people elected not to take these tests, but as the need for healthcare rose, so did the costs. The government began to make Leech's discovery a one-time subsidized service for individuals that took part in the test. In that way, healthcare could give huge discounts to people projected to live for longer than those who wouldn't which would offset the staggering costs of healthcare for a rapidly growing population.

As desire for the testing picked up, the amount that the government was expected to pay increased, and that is when the government got involved in Leech's project in order help him set up many more stations around the world and lend manpower in order to help him in his cause. The government claimed they could lend tremendous value to the accuracy of the test, bringing the date of death down to days and also even forecasting spontaneous deaths. Several decades dripped by and Leech worked with the resources of the government to fine tune his algorithm. He worked as hard as he could all the way up to his death.

Leech's death was a blow to the Program but shortly following his death, the government made an incredible break through and transferred ownership of the project to a private company called Destiny who completed the algorithm and helped to set up operations around the world with the stations that Coline works at today. The final research that was done after Leech's death is shrouded in secrecy and few people actually know the real science behind the algorithm. The patents surrounding the discovery is one of the best kept secrets of our age. But after Leech's death Destiny opened and offered Manifests to people with complete accuracy. Unlike Leech's first iteration that gave rougher estimates, Destiny gave complete accuracy down to the day of death. It was remarkable.

A huge cultural shift occurred at this point. The Destiny Program skyrocketed in terms of number of tests requested. People were eager to know when they would be taken from the world. Their families, friends, and livelihood depended on knowing this information. At first people bragged about their numbers, displaying them on their social media profiles, clothes, and openly talking about the years they had left. As time drifted on, a tiered cultural hierarchy began to establish itself that transcended race, creed, mantra, or sex. It was your Manifest that placed you in the world. Poor people became rich overnight, and the overtly rich crumbled in debt after knowing that had limited time left. Arranged marriages were instituted based on ones Manifest. Leadership around the world was picked based on those numbers. Items like money, pedigree, or education began to mean very little to people. The world had changed in a way that no one had expected and ushered in a complete overhaul of cultural norms that changed everyone's life.

So one can begin to understand why having a job and many years left on earth was like winning the lottery. Coline was by far the luckiest of her family. Her father was sadly only Manifested to have 18 more years and her mother 14 more. Her sister, Giselle, was at 2 more left. Coline remembered when Giselle left the station after speaking with the Detailer. She had her Manifest given to her about 1 year ago, while Coline was working in the United States, and she had not seen or heard from her again. She wanted badly to get in contact with her sister and cherish the remaining time she had with her. Based on her conversation with the Detailer at the time, Giselle was compelled to put distance between her and her family and leave France, and it broke their hearts, and the fact that Coline was not there to support her family made it even worse. Coline had hope that being a technician would grant her access to her whereabouts but sadly, that was not the case and her and her Mother and Father had to trust that Giselle was out living the rest of her life with courage and strength.

Coline used this hope to help her get through her routines during her exchange program. She would call on this strength every day when she looked at her family picture on her mantle.

After breakfast with Virginie, Coline made her way back to her station. Once there, she scanned down her sheet for the day's recipients but for the first time, she only had one name on her list, the name read:

Michael Eisel (Detailer Needed)

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