The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

100 days left! I am super pumped I have made it this far. Looking at this contribution graph makes me so happy sometimes, like I am finally setting goals and making them. I also came up with a great motivator to finish it out. I am still on track to continue to complete my 365-day commitment, but at its conclusion I was going to enter a talk "Committing to your Commits" to Github Universe Conference in September. One of my career goals was to speak at a conference on a technically subject. Goals realized, now its time to make the deck! ... Maybe I'll start later :)

Since last month when I updated you, I have explored several other tutorials that have been great learning opportunities. I went through a js tutorial to prepare for a MEAN stack app that I wanted to make in preparation for my classes I teach. WAIT ... OMG ... I haven't told you! I left my old job at American Express and joined up with Galvanize as a developer evangelist in Austin, Texas. I totally forgot to update my blog fan club (aka just my mom). I also got married, went on a honeymoon in Cozumel. Also I totally submitted code the day I got to the hotel and called out one of my functions as

function goToBeach(with, lindsey){ return bliss}

So yes, lots of changes over the last month. Aside from being married now, in a new job, and moved to the Austin area, I am gearing up for a more active developer committing regiment. I am moving a little farther away from my dependency for tutorials and crafting things that interest me and working on projects from start to finish. So stay tuned for more on that. I started working on an app with a friend, and also working on my index card app which will help me retain all the stuff I have learned over the last several months. Check me out on github to see the repos ...

So to continue, yes js and a bootsrap refresher course all done with tutorials. But my pride and joy this month is that I have gotten to work with Android Studios. I have had a lot of fun experimenting with Android apps and wanted to give it a whirl. I have been completing tutorials taught by, you guessed it, for all the segments. Over all the IDE's I have used, this is probably the best suite of tools to complete an app from scratch. I mean a phone emulator is pretty sick. I find it to be way more than an editor and touch above a IDE (like Rubymine, Intelij, or Webstorm), it basically allows a user (I say user and not customer, cus its free) to pick a layout based on the needs of the app and map our the wireframing with just the click of the button. Its pretty neat. And since Android is written in java, it was an easy fit for me because, at AMEX, I was a java programmer.

I also took a recommendation from a good friend that follows my progress here on a bitbar tool called "gitbar" that displays a github users coding contributions on a daily basis. The program also allows users to put in contribution goals so that you can see (via a %) how close you are to making yearly commitment goals. Its a great tool and easy to use and has spawned a couple of ideas on my end that I could use to customize it.

So that is me, probably the craziest update you have gotten from me so far. As you can probably tell, I am super excited to be nearing the end and starting to plan a way to honor this commitment by completing another goal of mine, speaking on a technical talk, and possibly making a roadshow out of it and encouraging coding for others!

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