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It might've been all those thank you letters Lindsey and I sent out after the wedding that prompted this post, but either way I wanted to take a moment and write about why saying thank you is so important. Surely a person as lucky and as fortunate as myself should always acknowledge and reward people who help me out. Sadly that is not always the case. Life moves very quickly and I, like most people, find that I miss the details that account for all the successes in my life. Without these details I would not be able to complete my goals and truly be happy with what I have.

I thought that a blog post on how, when, and why to thank people would be very good for me to write. For one, thanking people is an action that should be done constantly and without thought of reciprocation. If you expect recognition or notoriety when thanking someone, then you will be disappointed every time because thanking people is a thankless job. Secondly, a thank you from someone, either big or small, really resonates with people. It could be as small as a thank you for your idea during a meting or as large as thanking your father for giving you away at your wedding. When you thank someone, they remember you for your grace and admiration. And lastly, a great thank you does the soul good. It allows you to think outside your realm of understanding and think consciously about others.

When to say thank you
  • Always, no one will reprimand you if you do.
  • Even in the heat of the moment, when you are under the gun or need a moment to collect yourself; saying thank you has a way of relieving the tension and rallying the troops all at the same time.
How to say thank you
  • Sincerely and from the heart.
  • While making eye contact is best, but if that is not the case, take a second to say the person's name you are thanking.
  • I am also a body language guy, so (in my mind) touching someone while saying thank you makes them feel more appreciated (it's not for everyone and one should always respect other people's personal space, so tread lightly here. It also may not be appropriate in the office, but saying the recipients name will suffice the need for personal touch).
Why to say thank you
  • It seriously is one of those little things that, if implemented in your daily routine, will make you a better person. Like stretching, meditating, reading, or exercising, saying thank you to someone enriches the soul.
  • When you give a lot of thanks, you receive thanks better too! Look around at people who say thank you often to people. When you turn around and thank that person, they receive it very well and appreciate it all the more because they know the weight of those words "thank you".

Take a second to think of three people today that deserve a thank you from you. First thought is to thank your spouse, parents, or siblings, but try to diversify here and think of people who deserve it that are not in your family tree. Remember, your family tree loves you either way and knows that you are thankful for them, if not, you need to get your shit together and start graveling to them ASAP :). Once you give these thank you's out, write down five ways you can thank someone without using words. I did this exercise today and it was great. I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it.

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