The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Alan couldn't remember the last time he was spontaneous or deviated from a plan set in motion. Most people who knew him knew him as a punctual control freak that was heartless and lacked a sense of compassion. So as you can imagine, a Detailer's role was the perfect fit for Alan. So being faced to face with his last appointment of the day was making him very happy because after this meeting, which would end on time, he would proceed to fulfill his next set of commitments for the day. Checking off boxes on his endless lists made him very happy. Although, unknown to him, this meeting would not end on time, instead it would end quite abruptly long after it started.

Alan's job in a nutshell was less focused around care and compassion like many operation staffer at the Destiny Program was, but more closely related to a consultant. The reputation for a Detailer was that it was a job no one wanted because they dealt with people near death everyday. It was a soul crushing job to have to sit down with someone with 4 kids, a mortgage, and a job and tell them they would need to plan their exit strategy. It required thick skin, a silver tongue, and a quick wit, or in Alan's case a serious lack of compassion for one's fellow man.

A Detailer's main directive is to communicate with individuals who are given Manifests that guarantee less than 5 years of life remaining. Through the Destiny Program's research, it is found that if a person is given less than 5 years, they immediately act irrational which negatively effects the surrounding population. It is largely known that when a person is given less time to live a Detailer is tasked with convincing that individual to accept a sum of money in return to be shuttled off to a remote location to spend their remaining days. For many who live close to poverty and who are unattached, this is comparable to hitting the lottery. The Destiny Program owns huge tracks of land and several island locations where they keep these individuals. These locations are utopias that offer many of it's inhabitants every lap of luxury imaginable. A perfect way to spend out the rest of you days, they say.

As Alan was reviewing the file for his last appointment, he saw a couple of data points that was going to make this bargaining a little more difficult. He did enjoy the prep time though, he would play out the scenario and decide which way, based on the data, to negotiate. According to this file, his subject's name was Michael and he was attached with a wife and a son, which is the part that would make Alan's bargaining a bit harder. Good thing is he is trained for these occurrences.

He would also be open to offer Michael more money since he was within a year of life remaining. There were certain amounts of money that a Detailer could offer based on the life expectancy. Five years left was the lowest amount, and within a month was the highest. According to fellow Detailers, "monthers" were the easiest to work with, all they did was take the money and and board the transport. People with five years were normally more scared and looked for a lot of advice which the Detailer would leverage and would use to sway and swindle them. The hardest people to bargain with were people between 1-2 years because there would be a lot of hustle needed to wrap up their affairs before departure. Timelines were always the hardest for 1-2 years to wrap their heads around. They acted out of anger, like an animal backed into a corner.

After a few moments Micheal stumbled in, from the looks of it, having been sick before entering the room.

The conversation to follow between Alan and Michael would prove to be the most impactful conversation Alan would ever have in his life.

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