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A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

had to do it ....

Well it's almost done, I only have 65 days left and then I am done with a 365-day commit streak. Since my last post I started experimenting with PHP and also completed a MEAN stack app. The PHP tutorial came from, you guessed it, thenewboston. The MEAN stack experimentation was needed to get acclimated for my new job here in Austin. I work for a company called Galvanize. I work as an evangelist here. My role is basically an engineer but I work to bring people into our space and teach free guided classes on how to code. These classes are important because they bring people into our awesome space and show them that coding is not this mysterious thing that takes loads of time to learn ... well it does .... but it's not rocket science. Like most things, coding is best learned when you practice it continuously. Like this coding streak, practice and repetition has helped me tremendously to fine tune my skills. The reason for the MEAN stack app was to learn what the students would be learning who embarked on our 6-month web developer course.

This job was a perfect fit for me because I am a Galvanize Full Stack Alum, so I am familiar with the company and the awesome developers they create. But when I went through the program they taught us RoR and JS. As you can imagine, the company has iterated many times to meet the demand of the growing technology so the ciriculum has changed. So my idea behind covering a MEAN stack app was justified for my job. Btw anyone not knowing what MEAN means, let me educate you. MEAN stands for Mongo, Express, Angular, and Nodejs. This acronym are the four components that are used to create this application. For instance, Mongo, is a database used for info input. Angular is a front-end framework that help developers call functions on the front end that happening asynchronously, cool stuff! Then NodsJS is the computing language that we use to write the programs within the application. And finally Express is the web application built around NodeJS and pairs well when you are looking for a framework that is fast and flexible.

The PHP tutorial will be the LAST tutorial that I run before I complete my streak. After this tutorial is completed, I will have used thenewboston for over 9 tutorial series. They have all been amazing, but it's high time I start wrapping up some great projects I have been postponing. Here were my goals when I started this streak and some outstanding projects I need to get done before I feel that I have done this the best I can:

Goals from the beginning:
  • I wanted to create a project that would be contributed to by the Github community Layne helped me launch Clicker
  • ~~ I wanted to raise issues on projects from my peers and help them fix those issues~~ Githubcharts & Clicker & also doing for a buddies site called Mind Matters
  • I also wanted to fork projects and contribute to open-source applications Google Analytics PR for colleagues during 24-days of coding challenge
  • Complete a 365-day streak with legit commits, not just fluff to brag about
Outstanding projects to get done before end:
  • Cams Index Card: Create a project that acts as an index glossary for all the things I have learned from these tutorials. Segmented by languages.
  • Mind Matters: Contribute to try buddies project to help make a difference in his local community.
  • GoHuntGeo: Edit my old capstone project to be cleaner and incorporate a better framework and better code.
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