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A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Github stopped showing current streak & total contributions .... bummer, I routed a request to ask why, will let you know how it shakes out.

5/20 .... @ 1600 ... From Github:
We recently changed the way we show contributions on your profile:

From the post:

As part of this update, code streaks are no longer featured on your contribution graph. The simplified interface focuses on the work you're doing rather than the duration of your activity.

365 is almost here! It is important to know that I stopped doing tutorials about a week ago to try and focus on projects that I wanted to get out the door. And it worked! Forcing yourself to stop doing the easy code and switching to a project and completing it piece by piece has really opened my eyes.

For those of you that are not aware, I have been coding for almost a year now, duh! I have worked on several projects, but not extensively. I have followed many tutorials, mostly by the site thenewboston in order to learn about other computing languages out there but also to pad my 365-day commit streak. Having completed many tutorial lessons, it was nice to have some commits locked and loaded and ready to push when I was in a bind. Over the last week, I have cut using tutorials to try and focus on completing my last three projects.

I think the last tutorial I did was the straw that broke the camel's back. The topic was a PHP overview that consisted of roughly 200 5-8 minute videos showcasing the language and commands. It was super duper boring and the teacher was not Bucky from thenewboston (who is a teacher I highly recommend). It was very hard to follow. And honestly, this would be my 9th tutorial series that I have started, so hearing someone jabber on about concatenation for the 9th time is super boring. We get it, strings coming together :)

The only items I have left to work on are three projects, and I have 35 days to complete them. I want to finish up my flashcard app, push some features for Mind Matters (an open source site one of my friends works on), and restyle my GohuntGeo app and fix some bugs. Other things that I want to explore, but probably will not have time is CartoDB tutorials. They just launched a whole set of tutorials and I was looking to complete those, and then ask for their assistance in revamping GoHuntGeo.

The flashcard app is a copy from another project, but I did get to expand on it a little with being able to import export decks. This way it is perfect for students like I was who are looking to study and improve their skills. Instead of storing all cards in a DB, a student can import a CSV file with the cards and have it stored in local storage. So when they leave their session, they take with them their cards and any that they may have created while studying. It is written completely in js.

Fun fact, I did purchase two domain names from last month. They had a special running last month, so I snatched up & Hopefully this will provide the motivation for me to continue to build on these sites and make them my own. I also submitted a talk to CodeConf in LA for June. The conference takes place 1 day after my 365 commit streak, so I hope they pick up my talk. The title of the talk is "How to Commit to your Commits". More updates to come on this.

The reason I bought the domain names was because I recently help a guy select a domain name for his new podcast series. He is an awesome member we have at Galvanize and is in his 40's and looking to create a podcast that showcases older folks who pivot their life's ambitions to contribute to the greater good. He would be inviting them onto his show to discuss their journey and allow these people to pass knowledge and wisdom that could wildly improve younger generation paths. He attributes me for giving the domain idea "gohuntlife". But as most of you know, its not a far cry away from my site "gohuntgeo". But when he heard my recommendation, he found that it set the perfect tone for this podcast and what he was setting out to accomplish for his users. It was awesome to be a part of that creation, and I am very eager to see how his project unfolds. Podcasts are the fast growing information distribution platform in the nation now. More to come on this as he builds it out ...

Also who is loving this new facelift of the blog site!? Sick right!

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