The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

It's over! I wrapped up this year-long coding challenge this fourth of July weekend. So I thought I would wrap up this last streak post with a typical "what did I learn" summary.

What I learned ..

Completed Apps
Completed Tutorials
  • java
  • node.js
  • Arduino
  • Go
  • Swift
  • Python
  • bootstrap
  • js
  • android
  • MEAN
Completed Exploration & Competitions
  • CDN/DNS - Deployment
  • google analytics
  • code school challenge
  • 24 PullRequests
  • GoHuntGeo revamp

Fun fact, I completed this stuff while also:

  • Scored my first engineering job
  • Moved to PHX
  • Proposed to my wife
  • Planned a wedding
  • Moved to ATX
  • Scored my second engineering job
  • Got Married
  • Bought a house

.... and these were just some of things that I did this year while also completing this coding challenge. Now I know what you're thinking, Cam, you're being a little "braggy" right now... well you're surly right. It took me a year to do this. It was hard.

What I learned ..

  1. TheNewBoston is the best site in the world for learning how to code. If anyone is approaching the decision to teach themselves how to code without paying for it, you should use TheNewBoston.

  2. Personal branding for coders is like the gateway drug for coding exploration. Once you start to build on your personal apps, you start to explore different frameworks and tools that make your workflow more concise.

  3. Coding is more fun in a social setting. Attend community hackathons, go to conferences, and get a mentor that can support you through unique and difficult coding challenges (especially when you are just starting out).

  4. Solve problems with code. Don't just make apps that are frontward-facing and will help you get noticed. Anyone can do that. Try to find a problem in your community and work to solve it. A lot of people jump into coding to write "their great business opportunity" app first. Which is cool, but I assure you, you will find more fulfillment in your work if you build something that solves problems. Don't set out to make money when you start coding.

  5. Good coders are really smart, but great coders are discipline and know that practice makes perfect.

What has changed ..

Github stopped doing commit streaks on their calendar tool. That was a super-duper bummer because it broke my BitBar extension that tracked my daily commits, but they still continued to use the calendar so that is how I had to measure my streaks from then on out. That really bummed me out; they only stopped using that about 3 months ago. Here is what it looked like before:

Sadly now we are just left with the raw calendar. Nevertheless, that update did not deter me from completing my streak, but it defiantly put a kink in how I was consistently measuring my success. I will be chalking this up as a learning opportunity. For many things in life, you go in to it with an assumption on how to control it, but in the end, all bets are off and you must adapt to an ever changing world.

What do I do now ..

My blog going forward will still feature a programming section but I will change the name and focus on these things going forward:

  • the_Rogue - personal writing exercise

  • books - reviews

  • relationships - learned wisdom

  • programming - GoHuntGeo revamp still underway

  • (New channel) #travel - Scotland & New Zealand this year!!!
  • (New update) #exercise - Will work out the details soon, but I will be replacing my 365-day commit streak with a similar fitness-related streak. More to come on this!

I hope you continue to read it. Writing for me has made me more articulate, more aware of what I have learned, and more accountable for my goals that I set. I will continue to write about things that interest me and make me a better person.

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