The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Some major wins for my first month of my workout streak! I took one inch off my waistline (37>36), 3 pounds off my total weight (210>207), and feel much healthier overall. And that is only from an injection of a daily workout that lasts for seven minutes.

Biggest win for me this month - I got accepted to speak at a coding conference in Seattle about streaking. No, not the sans-clothes kind of streaking, but the practice of completing a 365-day streak. The conference is called Seattle Code Camp and is on September 10th. I will mostly focus on my efforts towards my coding streak, but will also talk about daily practices and awesome tools and tutorials that help establish & facilitate daily rituals. This is the first of many conferences I hope to speak at. I applied to upwards of ten conferences about speaking on this practice and should hear back after the next month about most of them. I will keep y'all posted.

Some challenges of this streak, none... Unlike the coding streak that required a computer to complete, this one only requires a phone and a wifi connection. It is pretty simple too to muster the energy to complete the workout each day. The only caveat that I have to be aware of is that this practice is in addition to my regular workout routine. This practice should not replace my regular workout, when I can squeeze one in. A huge benefit of this streak is my mind is always on fitness and healthier living. Just like I experienced with the coding streak, when you streak on something you are always thinking of ways to improve on it. So in that way, I am more aware of what I am eating, preparing healthier dishes, and shying away from binge eating or going out and partying. When I was doing the coding streak, I was always looking for new tutorials or different languages to code in to gain more exposure to coding and see different solutions to solve problems. This workout streak is similar in that way.

One loss for the month was my pull ups took a dive from 14 when I started the streak to 11 only after one month. Since doing 50 pull ups in one sitting is one of my goals for when I complete this, I really have a lot of ground to cover before next year. To be honest though, I have not had a lot of gym time since I started. I can only find time and energy to go to the gym over my lunch break. And when I bring my dog to the work or have a lot of meetings, I cannot find the time to go, so it ends up only being a once-a-week kind of routine (twice if I am lucky). To fix this problem, I will likely be getting a pull up bar for the house to complete at least 10 a day for next month in addition to the 7-min workout.

Overall I am very happy with my effort so far. My wife is actually doing it with me too (not because she has to but to help support me). It is also very rewarding to see people reach out to me and ask about how to start a streak like this. Unlike my coding streak, people are more eager to jump in and start this alongside me because the results effect their body and does not require knowledge of code to get going.

Here are the pics of my body after a month of 7-minute workouts. I have seen some results from day one, for sure!

Wish me luck as I continue into next month! I have a huge vacation planned for 10 days during August, so I will need to make sure I bring my phone and am close to a wifi connection at least once a day during this time. Should be one hell of a trip! I am also starting a brand new "Travel" section on my blog that will feature our trips and show some cool pics. More to come on this soon, stay tuned!

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