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This is book one of a series that Issac Asimov wrote that won the coveted Hugo Award for "Best All-Time Series". It's call The Foundation. Great endorsement, right? Sadly I could not finish past 100 pages. This is the third book that I had to bow out of midway through. The book was really dense and just as it's starting to get good it transitions to a story line that is 50 years later with all new characters. For me, that was a deal-breaker and that is why I stopped reading it.

The plot is my favorite part of the book. This is literally a book about Data Science. It's about a human race that has discovered the science of "psychohistory" which uses data from past events to determine the future. There is not a lot of information provided into how that data is acquired, but it is leveraged by the main character.

The story is established really well and I wish they kept with one set of characters. The flip side of that is that I think this book is famous for it's ability to transition through time to multiple characters, so my recommendation might be throwing a wrench into the whole point of the book.

I think I will be transitioning away from Sci-fi for a while. I think bowing out halfway on books is stressful and creates a feeling of regret on my end, so to avoid that I am just going to go down a historical fiction vein.

Would I recommend this book to someone else? Yes, but to the right person. This book requires a little more concentration than the average bear is willing to dish out. One reason I failed to finish was I read it sporadically for only about 30-45 minutes every night for a week. When you leave a book and pick it up sporadically, it's harder to invest yourself in the story. So would I recommend, yes, for someone going on vacation or had some time on their hands; otherwise, no way jose.

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