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If you are looking for a good read, read this book! I really enjoyed The Night Circus. It's a story about a circus that was created by two magicians. These two magicians ultimately fall in love but were staged to be competitors throughout the book. I knew very little about the plot of the story before I started reading it; so I was pleasantly surprised by the story's twists and turns!

The story takes place over a 20 year period of time from when the two protagonists were kids. They were both raised by older magicians. These older magicians are very experiences practitioners of magic and have discovered a way to live for several centuries. They amuse themselves by pitting their apprentices throughout the years against each other in a competition of magical talent. At the beginning of the book they decided that they were going to conduct their final challenge by fostering and raising their own children to compete in a battle of skills at a venue of their own choosing. The venue for this challenge was a circus! The rules of the competition are shrouded in mystery at first, but as time goes on it is revealed that whomever loses the competition will die. This is not new news to the older magicians who have done this several times, but for their children competing, it is quite frigtening. This is also an unfortunate issue because the two competitors fall in love and cannot stand to be the victor if the other must parish.

The challenge starts off when both characters start working at the circus. Each begins to add magical elements to the circus as time goes on, thinking that is how to compete. Now at first, the two competitors do not know who the other challenger is, so as mysterious elements begin to get added to the circus, the other competitor will notice and have to sift through clues to deduce who created it the element. The best part of about the venue of the challenge is that there is already this element of mystery about it, so the things the magicians were creating could be seen by outsiders as awesome feats of illusion, but in reality, they were actually magical occurrences.

Without revealing too much, I strongly encourage you to read this book. Unlike most critiques that I write, I don't feel that this book deserved a "what I did not like about the book" section. I hope that conveys my sentiments about the novel.

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