The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Weight - 207 (same as last month)
Max pull ups - 15

Fixes from last month's post, did I change?

  1. One helping at dinner - No
  2. No booze until the weekend - No
  3. Eat breakfast everyday - No
  4. Bring back swimming - At least 2 a week - No
  5. Drink more water - Yes

Sad to say it, but not a lot of improvements from last month, with my weight being the same and nearly none of my last month's posted fixed implemented, I had expected little to no change. That is fine. With the holiday months still very much underway, it has been hard to get a regiment down, not to mention my wife and I just came back from a 2-week-long vacation to New Zealand. You try maintaining a diet when you're in beautiful New Zealand, you ain't gonna do it!

Improvements for next month:

  1. I bought a gym membership, finally! So I will go there more often. It's close to home, so instead of having only one gym at work and having to workout at lunch, I can now consider early morning or post work workouts! This gym also has a pool, so my chances to swim will increase.

  2. Continue drinking water. I have been drinking a lot of tea in the evening, so I will keep doing that. I actually chose tea one morning to get my day started instead of coffee, I know that's insane, but a step in the right direction. I chose tea while I was traveling because coffee overseas wretches me. It's super intense, so most of my mornings consisted of teas.

  3. One helping at dinner is a must. Even with xmas meals and family get-togethers, I HAVE to focus on limiting myself to only one meal in the evening. I normally eat the most at the end of the day with several large helping, and if I begin to cut that out, I will surly see results. This is a MUST MUST.

A little bit of a belly is creeping in due to all those epic foreign meals and limited exercising. Although, I did complete all my 7-min workouts whilst traveling, but I must say, working out on a 777 aircraft during our 14 hour flight was hard :) It's very hard to do jumping jacks without waking someone on a plane, good thing we got business class.

I have come to realize that this streak is a lot harder than the last one because there is an absolute result associated with it. Where the coding streak was more about acquired knowledge, this one is about lowering my weight down to a level that I want. This presents a harder challenge. Hopefully next months post will have some good changes set in place.

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