The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

Total weight at halfway points - 213
Sub 200 goal - >13 lbs
Pullups - 16
Gym Membership - Purchased 1/1/17

Yes everyone, since I am halfway done and I have gained 4 pounds! Wasn't this workout streak about losing weight cam? It is true that I have not shed any weight, but I can surly attest to the amount of muscle I have built up over the last six months. When I was planning this, I was not accounting for the amount of muscle I would gain from continually working out everyday. I do notice a substantial difference in my body since I started though. If you run over to my month_0 post you will see a difference in the pics from when I started and the once posted here.

My chest line has grown the most. Almost 3 inches in length. The reason for this is because for the first 3 months of the streak, I was doing push ups everyday. I did that because when you start this app, it only allows you one workout (if you elect the free version) until 2 months when you earn an additional workout. I was doing anywhere between 25-30 pushups a day for 3 months straight. Just counting that up, that makes about 2.5K pushups, thats a lot! And that is surly enough to raise a bust line.

With an added bust line, my body has naturally tried to accommodate for the added top weight with a larger mid drift size and more added back muscles. I find it harder to fit into my skinnier-sized shirts. I am not struggling fitting into my pants though, my waist has been a consistent 34 with no change.

Since this realization, I have made some changes to my daily workout, I have cut out the push up segment and switched it with a pull-up exercise. I have been looking for a way to pepper in more pull-ups, so this seemed like an excellent way to do so. Limiting my pushups and adding pull-ups will make for a more lean chest size.

A couple of diet alterations have been made too! I am starting to monitor my weight with weekly weigh ins and having no alcohol during the weekdays. I have also cut out going back for seconds. These major changes are motivated by my longstanding goal of reaching sub-200 lbs by the end of this streak. Sadly for me, it is getting harder to do so with this added muscles, but as long as I stick to this diet for the next two weeks, as a experiment of sorts, and maintain my cardio workout regimes, I shouud be able to get down substantially.

The next post I do will have the results of this effort and will give some pointers on how I fared when incorporating them into my daily regime. Stay tuned.

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