The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

It has been 240 days since I started working out everyday and monitoring my fitness. I am happy to report me goals of gaining strength and leaning my body out has come around. The weight loss is a bit of a struggle for me because the more I work out, the more mass I ... amass.

Waist Measurements at start - 37 inches
Waist Measurements now - 36.5 inches

Total weight at start: 209
Total weight now: 208

Max Pull-ups at start: 14
Max Pull-ups now: 18

Status of workout routine everyday: On Track

As you can see there are not a lot of changes with the actual numbers, only a slight improvements. What I do see is a good improvement in my body composition:

A significant change from last time I snapped off some pictures

Next course of action -
Starting a diet. If I am actually serious about the goals of losing weight and reaching my fitness goals, I need to implement a diet where I am writing down my daily intake of foods and times where I stray from my routine. Of course, I know I will maintain my fitness routine, but I need to implement a diet in conjunction with this effort.

The proposed diet for the next month:

  1. One helping at dinner - Always having leftovers after each meal
  2. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  3. Three meals a day (breakfast everyday)

I will be taking this diet very serious for the next month, so I will have very interesting results the next time I blog. See you then!

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