The 512 Streaker

A Streak - A commitment made to do something for 365 days straight. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experience of learning something by completing a streak.

It has been 270 days since I started working out everyday and monitoring my fitness.

Waist Measurements at start - 37 inches
Waist Measurements now - 36.5 inches

Total weight at start: 209
Total weight now: 209

Max Pull-ups at start: 14
Max Pull-ups now: 18

Status of workout routine everyday: On Track

Not much to report his month. Lots going on, of course, but no real changes from last month. I continue to want to lose weight, but my result is not what I want. When I try and pivot and diet more or drink less, I don't hold my commitments for more than a week. It is extremely frustrated.

To be honest, I almost quit this week. To be even more candid with my readers, I almost quit because I have no support in this effort. Unlike the coding challenge from last year, there was no real support needed there (my blog would tell you different, but when compared to this streak, there is no hands-on support needed unless you hit a roadblock in your codebase). When doing a workout streak, one must have an accountabili-buddy that pushes you along. Getting off my ass some days, when the whole world around you is moving so quickly, is so freaking hard. At least with the coding streak I could prepare a week or month in advance for my coding efforts and then execute each day diligently ... from a seated position. With this streak, I almost hate doing the 7-minute workout now because it is so lonely.

This steak has been super hard from me. And I am sad to report that there has been little reduction in my overall weight, but I will continue to do it. I meann... I still know I feel stronger, but not leaner. I have come this far and I do not intend on stopping now. At this in time though, I am safe to say that my goals that I plan to reach are not in sight anymore. Based on the results I have come across so far that is.

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