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Off to be a Wizard is one of the most unimpressive book I have ever read. I was initially really stoked about the book being very fun and excited. I mean, who wouldn't be pumped about a book where the main character finds source code for their own being. That is some Matrix-level shit right there. This book is about 300 pages of bad writing that takes you on a journey with a not-well-liked protagonist that does everything wrong.

Coming from an engineering perspective, it's very dull and does not do the technology part justice. Between Goodread's recommendation and the smart plot line, I was really gearing up for a book similar to the caliber of Ready Player One (RPR) in terms of technical description. The book was written by Scott Meyer, not much known about him personally, but I think he got lucky by having his book be one of the most similar to RPR on Goodreads. I am sure he gets a lot of interest at first from people like me that want to ride the same wave that they come off with RPR, but are given this book instead.

The book is about a boy who alters the source code of the world to travel back in time, meet like-minded people, and journey to destroy an evil 'wizard' who has the same powers as he does. He works with a group of wizard friends to do so.

The worst part about this book was the main character, who is a jackass. He is a 23-year old geek who acts more like an asshole and chauvinist than a hero. You can't get behind a book where you always want to see the hero choke and fail. You begin to hate to see him succeed because you think he doesn't deserve it, he hasn't earn the readers' appreciation and admiration.

The most beloved character in the book is a witch names Gwen. You don't find out that she is a witch until the end of the book though. She is sane, level-headed, and is constantly berated by fellow wizards who are trying to get with her. It seemed that the author was familiar with this 'geek that loves from afar' persona, so he wrote the relationship between his main character and Gwen the same way. In my mind, I think the relationship is fictional and no ordinary woman would be remotely interested in a jackass like the main character.

The ending stinks and all the action sequences, if you can call them that, are so poorly written that it is hard to even follow the main plot line because you are lost half the time. It's like being in the mind of fast moving child trying to describe a basic fight sequence.

Don't read this book, if you do, you're in for a world of disappointment.

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