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Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest

May 30, 2017 in #Reading_Streak | | | Share on Google+

Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest was a boring book. After reading Ready Player One last year, I went onto Goodreads and search related books and this one popped up first. Sadly, it was not as intriguing as Ready Player One, and I am starting to doubt the search engine capacity of Goodreads. There were about 4 books that popped up that were listed as "similar to Ready Player One". I have read two of them already - Off to be a Wizard & Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest, both suck.

I guess I can't complain too much, I am reading more and really enjoy reading again. I guess my expectations are just too high when it comes to book that are "supposedly" measuring up to RPO. I think I might step away from the Goodreads suggested books and only read books that are recommended to me by friends for now, just to mix it up.

The book is about two adventurers, Helen and Troy. Where Troy is a popular handsome high schooler and Helen is a minotaur. I know what you're thinking... WTF?! The book is set in present day, but the world that we live in is habitat to all manner of mythical creatures, beasts, and fairy tale characters. Some of it is appealing, but the author, in my opinion, doesn't elaborate too much on each race or character. Making the book seem like its moving too fast without allowing the reader to gain understanding.

At the beginning of the book Helen and Troy are forced to complete a quest by a God who will kill them if they ignore his request. Along with all the colorful races in the book, there are also Gods who, like most Greek stories, toll and trouble the mortal world with their requests. Once on the quest the two high schoolers start to fall in love and go through epic battles. With their unique abilities and their relationship strengthen, they accomplish a lot and ultimately have to vanquish the God that set them on this path in the first place.

This book may be a great TV series, depending on how its done, and the CGI, but made for a lackluster book.

May 30, 2017 in #Reading_Streak | | | Share on Google+